Provided Globally from EU by Leader in Defining DPO's Role


  • Perform DPO Role under the GDPR.
  • Define DPO Role / Mentor New DPOs.

  • Available in fixed-time and unlimited-time, fixed-fee off-site options.
  • Available to organisations/undertakings based in the EU, U.S., or Asia.

DPO Mandatory Tasks:
  • Advise and inform on controller / processor obligations.
  • Monitor compliance with GDPR and data protection statutes.
  • Advise and monitor risk and DPIAs.
  • Communicate / cooperate with supervisory authorities and data subjects.
  • Be involved in all data protection matters, including non-EEA data flows.

DPO Optional Tasks:
  • Legal analysis supporting compliance, including third-country privacy statutes.
  • Legal and risk analysis of data protection contracts and online terms.
  • Legal and risk analysis of outsourced cloud computing activities.
  • Define GDPR compliance tools and methods.
  • Guide privacy trust-mark, InfoSec, and data protection certifications.


Professional Qualifications:
  • Attorney at Law (US), CPA (US), CIPP/EU, CIPP/US, CCSK, CRISC, ECM-M, CISM, ERM-P, CISA, and CGEIT
  • More...

Author - Legal Books and Articles:

Lecturer - Privacy and Emerging Technologies Law and IT/InfoSec:
  • DPOs Performing the Essential Tasks (EU IAPP)
  • Is a DPO or an EU Rep Required under the GDPR? (US ABA)
  • GDPR for SMEs (Dublin CoC)C)
  • GDPR: Principles, Obligations, and Data Subject Rights (EU controller)
  • STEM Creators and the Law (EU undergraduate)
  • Information and Internet Law (EU graduate)
  • Emerging Technologies Law (EU graduate)
  • Law of the Internet (EU undergraduate)
  • Cloud Computing Law Seminar (Asia Hong Kong government)
  • Managing Cloud Computing Risk (CloudStrategics Singapore conference)
  • More...